New Construction

New ConstructionWho’s representing YOU when purchasing a new construction?

The salespeople who work in new developments work for the BUILDER and represent them.  They have a job to do and that is to sell property in that community. Those on-site sales reps only represent the Developer/Builder interests whereas we will represent you, the BUYER, with your interests and needs, and we can be more objective.


Here are a few questions to ask the Developer/Builder:

  • How many properties are in the community?
  • How many have been sold?
  • What amenities does the community have?
  • What are the property homeowner’s fees, HOA?
  • How much does the developer subsidize the HOA?
  • At what point will HOA be turned over to the property owners?

This is just a sample of what you have to ask, and having someone represent you is very important. So don’t register without your realtor present. Let’s work together.

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